How often should you do deployments?


Now, if you wanna know how often should you do deployments at your own company/startup, this is the post for you.

Since data is at the core of any insight, that is what you’ll get.

I started a poll on the devops reddit last week, and I’ve gotten some pretty interesting results, behold!

It got around 37.k views, 2.2k votes and an approval of 83%, which means that a lot of DevOps professionals made sense of it!

So, what do the results tell us? They tell us something that I had a hunch for, and that a lot of our deployments are tied up with doing Scrum/Kanban, which usually lasts about 2 weeks (or 3/4/6 weeks). And after we finish a sprint, we deploy our new stuff on our production environments. But things aren’t that simple as we see that there are some new trends on the rise.

From the 2.2k votes, this is what we got:

  • 601 Every two/three/fours weeks (after the sprint finishes)
  • 478 Multiple times a day
  • 413 Multiple times a week
  • 307 Once a week
  • 245 Almost everyday
  • 131 Hourly

Even though the sprints dictate the deployments frequency, we can see that weekly and daily deployments aren’t that far behind. Which is great because the so called “DevOps” revolution/culture did do some good and a lot of startups did benefit from it.

Why is this even remotely important? Well because in this day and age, the sooner you get software changes out the door (aka the famous production) the sooner the customers can see them, and you get the first mover advantage. Customers don’t have to wait months on months to see a small change that can benefit the users, because the PMs/Management/Devs don’t have time or doing boring meetings, or any other bullshit reason!

Who ever ships first, gets the girl, or in this case hopefully a satisfied (and paid) customer!

The biggest surprise were the hourly deployments! Just think about that, there are some startups that do HOURLY deployments on production, that’s in the range of indie hackers like Pieter Levels.

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